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MAP Market Access provide an expert consulting service, offering product specific, one to one expert strategic advice on a consulting basis throughout the product lifecycle across the EU.

We have helped clients with product licensing and HTA submissions with unique expertise in highly-specialised orphan drugs. MAP offer strategic insight and a truly joined-up package in the UK and Ireland whilst leveraging our experience to support companies in other European markets.

Utilise our services to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experiences that we have to offer to develop a more effective market access strategy and avoid common mistakes made by other companies.

MAP BioPharma

MAP offer an online resource that guides you through pricing and reimbursement access across Europe and Canada, empowering companies to develop their own market access strategies.

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MAP MedTech

MAP offers an up to date, validated, web-based service, which acts as a ‘virtual’ expert to help you achieve pricing and reimbursement across for your device or diagnostic.

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