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Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé – the ANSM is a public administrative body which acts on behalf of the French Government to ensure patient safety by conducting assessments and acting as a decision-making body in the field of the regulation of health products.

Committee for Economic and Public Health Assessment (CEESP)

A specialist committee within HAS for the economical assessment of drugs, medical devices and care strategies. They issue public health recommendations and technology appraisals based on clinical and economic evidence as well as on other domains (e.g. ethics, organisation).

Directorate of Social Security (DSS)

One of the main areas within the French Ministry of Health which elaborates the Social Security policy (Sickness Fund, pension, family). It is also attached to the Ministry of Finance.


The Directorate for Research, Analysis, Evaluation and Statistics within the Ministry of Health in France.

Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS)

The Comité Economique des Produits de Santé (CEPS) fixes the medicine price after negotiation with the medicine company. It is an inter-ministerial body under the joint authority of the ministries for Health, Social Security and Economy.

French National Authority for Health (HAS)

Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) is an independent public scientific authority with financial autonomy. Its key purpose is to improve the quality of patient care and to guarantee equity within the healthcare system. It does this through the:

  • assessment of drugs and medical devices
  • certification of healthcare organisations and accreditations of doctors
  • publication of guidelines (good practices, public health)

General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS)

L’Inspection générale des affaires sociales (IGAS) is the centre which controls, audits and evaluates structures and policies within the Ministry of Health in France.


L’Objectif national de dépenses d’assurance maladie (ONDAM) is the target for national health insurance expenditure in France.

Social Security Financing Act (LFSS)

The act set by the Ministry of Health for the general framework for social security spending and a national target ceiling for health insurance expenditure (ONDAM).

Transparency Committee (CT)

Part of the HAS in France, the CT provide independent scientific advice concerning the usefulness, interest and good use of drugs when there is a demand by the pharmaceutical company to have the medicine enlisted on a positive list to be reimbursed.

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