National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Innovation Observatory

The NIHR Innovation Observatory is the national medical horizon scanning facility located at Newcastle University. It works closely with industry partners reporting about new drugs, devices and diagnostics to NICE and the NIHR. NICE will only consider reviewing a technology once it has first been through an initial filtering process managed by the NIHR Innovation Observatory. Therefore, if you are a company that wants to access the NICE technology appraisal process for a new product or a new use for a currently licensed or registered product, then please contact the NIHR Innovation Observatory.

UK Pharma Scan

Single Horizon Scanning Database for New Drugs in Development in the UK UK PharmaScan is a secure horizon scanning database populated with information on new medicines in development from up to three years before their launch in the UK or start of phase III clinical development, whichever is the earlier. This central repository provides up-to-date information, such as clinical trial and regulatory information, to national horizon scanning groups and approved NHS organisations that have a role in supporting NHS planning, or provide advice and guidance to the NHS. The resource will help ensure earlier and more effective decision making and faster uptake of innovative new medicines for the patients who need them.