Public Affairs

What is Public Affairs?

MAP provides policy and public affairs consulting support alongside its market access and legal capabilities. We use our in-depth knowledge of market access and the stakeholder and policy environment to develop strategic policy and public affairs campaigns that help companies to achieve their commercial objectives. Undertaking strategic public affairs activity at an early stage can be a long-term investment, providing reassurance for a company that they have well-informed and supportive stakeholders should the need arise.

Our focus is on undertaking activity that delivers results; we only recommend work which has a clearly-identified strategic purpose, and we work seamlessly with market access and legal colleagues to address potential access challenges. The policy and public affairs environment moves quickly. Clients can expect to receive timely advice and support from MAP in a way that is aligned with their ways of working.

MAP believes in high professional standards and our Public Affairs Code of Conduct covers every employee of MAP and every consultant or agent acting on the company’s behalf.

We work with our clients to identify the best blend of activities based on each organisation’s objectives and available budget. Our services include:

Strategic planning and message development

  • MAP supports clients to develop and deliver strategic policy and public affairs campaigns, focused on their commercial objectives
  • In a complex stakeholder environment, delivering effective messages in a consistent and considered way can help to secure results. MAP helps clients to develop messages that set the narrative for their campaigns, addressing concerns head on and highlighting opportunities which may have been overlooked by other stakeholders


  • Public affairs work is based on up-to-date information so monitoring the political and NHS environment is essential
  • MAP offers bespoke monitoring bulletins summarising developments and implications for clients as part of our public affairs services. We continuously monitor news article,  press releases, statements and parliamentary publications, keeping up-to-date with the views and opinions of public bodies, pressure groups, patient groups, think tanks and debates
  • Tailored monitoring is a useful tool and can identify opportunities for focused engagement which makes the most effective use of resources

Policy analysis

  • Drawing on the MAP BioPharma and MAP MedTech sites and our in-depth understanding of the policy environment, MAP undertakes strategic analysis of policy environment to identify opportunities and mitigate risks

Stakeholder engagement and political communications

  • MAP supports clients to identify key influencers and decision-makers across Government, the NHS, Parliament and patient and professional groups. This might include commissioners at CCG or NHS England, or officials and Ministers in the Department of Health and Social Care, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Development and the Department for Exiting the European Union
  • MAP coordinates stakeholder engagement programmes, developing approaches, following up to secure meetings and providing briefings and follow-up support
  • MAP understands how Government and Parliament works and can support effective engagement programmes with civil servants, Ministers and Parliamentarians

Organising and attending events

  • MAP organises events as part of client campaigns. From a roundtable, drop-in event or formal reception, MAP can provide support for logistics and planning, attendee and speaker identification and briefings
  • Our experts in public affairs regularly attend parliamentary committee meetings, related seminars, conferences, government departmental stakeholder meetings, All-Party Parliamentary Groups, Party Conferences, and other relevant events on behalf of our clients


  • MAP provides bespoke training for clients, with input from external speakers from Parliament and the NHS, to support companies in their understanding of how public affairs works and how to maximise the potential opportunities through effective engagement

Media management

  • MAP can support companies with activities such as writing press releases and articles, and building up relationships with media contacts

If you would like to discuss your public affairs needs, please contact Tessa Hughes, Head of Health Policy and Public Affairs on