The NICE MedTech Early Technical Assessment Tool

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MAP is a Facilitator for the NICE META tool

MAP CEO, Christian Hill, says:

“We are thrilled with our facilitator status! We believe that the META Tool, combined with our MAP Online service, are incredibly strong tools to help companies understand the market access landscape. They will help you analyse the evidence you have generated and identify gaps. You’ll be guided towards developing a truly robust market access strategy before approaching healthcare providers.”

So how does META work?

The META tool is an online service. As a MedTech company, META will help you optimise development plans for your specific technology. META provides a structured framework to help identify potential gaps in product development plans and next steps to help bring a product to market.

By using the META tool, companies develop an understanding of the level of evidence needed to show a product’s value to the NHS and identify any data gaps that may delay your product reaching the market.

Is META for me?

Find out if META is for you

META is designed to support all developers of medical devices, diagnostics and digital health interventions (DHI) or apps.

  • It can be used at any stage of development, from early thoughts regarding your value proposition and potential development plans, through to sense-checking whether you have all the evidence you need
  • META can be used by companies as well as individual developers
  • You can go through the META process as many times as you need, either with the same or different products

What are the benefits of using the META tool?

Working through the META tool will help you:

  • UNDERSTAND the evidence that payers, commissioners and investors need in order to understand the value your technology offers to patients and healthcare systems
  • INCREASE your understanding of the implications of any gaps in your current evidence base or the evidence you are planning to collect
  • PRIORITISE investment in your product’s development strategy. The process is entirely flexible, and usually takes as little as 4 weeks
  • DEVELOP value claims that will stand scrutiny during health technology assessment (HTA)
  • PROVIDE educational resources to support your understanding of evidence requirements
  • DISCOVER local, regional or national support that is available to help you generate the necessary evidence to support your product’s claims

What are the steps?

META has 3 key steps:

  • STEP 1: Completion of an online form (synopsis)
    The synopsis is a structured questionnaire to present information and data relevant to the development of your product. It also connects MedTech manufacturers with other industry experts to explore further aspects of market access
  • STEP 2: Meeting with a trained MAP facilitator
    Following a review of the information provided in your synopsis, the facilitator will meet with you to discuss the gaps identified in your product development plans
  • STEP 3: Receipt of the META report
    MAP will provide a summary of key issues and the potential next steps that you should consider

Make MAP your META facilitator

Choosing the right facilitator will be crucial for organisations embarking on the META process. MAP has undertaken numerous META facilitations for diagnostic and medical devices. With our vast knowledge of NHS England as well as other national authorities in the UK, Europe and other global markets. Along with our experienced and diverse team of health economists, pharmacists, public affair consultants and legal counsel, we have successfully supported through their market access journey to accelerate patients access to drugs, medical devices and diagnostics.

Now, let us support you. Ask us about META using the chat box on this page (bottom right), at, call 01480 832360 or…

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